Our Senior Staff


Erich Schneider


As the owner of Schneider Tree Care, Erich is the big picture guy. If it weren’t for his ability to dream big, none of us, his employees, would be here today. Erich took a big chance on expanding and it has paid off in great jobs for upstate Arborists and for homeowners and businesses who want great landscapes. After a successful expansion four years ago in Charlotte, NC Erich set his sights on Charleston, SC.

Erich has been married for 22 years to his sweetheart Margaret. They have three great children and a farm that includes chickens, cows, goat, pigs and more. When he isn’t on the farm he enjoys fly fishing and motorcycling.

Erich is passionate about team building and providing excellent customer service. He thinks everyone deserves the opportunity to buy good service and makes sure everyone at Schneider Tree Care is ready to provide it.

Erich's favorite tree is the Oak


Brandon Brown


Brandon loves to laugh and has no shame when it comes to telling corny jokes. He has a beautiful wife, Melinda and they have a 6 year old daughter and a son who is almost 2. Ask him about the antics of his daughter sometime, he has some amazing stories to tell! Brandon loves mountain biking, golf and riding bikes with the family on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. He is a health nut and fitness guru, a proud graduate of P90x. He is working hard to have his raised beds ready for a vegetable garden this spring.

Brandon's favorite tree is the Sawtooth Oak


Luther Marchant

Vice President

Luther has been married to Sherri for 30 years and has four children, ranging in age from 18 to 26.  He is co-owner of Schneider Tree Care with his partner Erich. For 6 years he has served on the TREES SC board. He has been involved for many years with YMCA Camp Greenville where his father was director. Luther enjoys being outdoors, hiking, rock climbing and other mountain and water sports. He has been on several extended rock climbing and backpacking adventures with his boys. Luther is currently renovating his childhood home in the heart of the N Main Street District under the same old Oak trees he climbed as a child.

Luther's favorite tree is the White Oak