Landscape Mulch

Schnieder Tree Care Mulching

Landscape Mulch is not just for decoration. Mulching around your trees and landscaped areas just makes good sense. By applying a 2-4 inch layer of mulch you are providing an insulating cover to your beds. They’ll stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Mulching Benefits:

  • Keeps moisture in the soil
  • Controls weeds
  • Slowly releases nutrients into your soil as it breaks down
  • Keeps soil from splashing onto leaves, helping to prevent soil-borne fungal diseases
  • Looks visually appealing

Mulch Pricing for Greenville, SC

We sell to residential and commercial clients, pickup or delivery. Deliveries include a minimum of 6 yards and a maximum of 20 yards per truckload.

MulchingMulch Options:

Average PriceSchneider Tree Care Prices
Double Ground: $26/ydDouble Ground: $20/yd
Natural Blend: $20/ydNatural Blend: $18/yd
Wood Chips: $10/ydWood Chips: $8/yd

Call our Greenville SC office at 864-244-3088 for delivery details. Special pricing for regular, high volume customers.
Not sure how much you need? Use our mulch calculator.


Mulching Tips

Leave a little breathing room between the mulch and the base of your tree. When mulch touches the tree it can cause problems. Deeply water your mulched area once you finish spreading. The mulch forms a protective cover for your planted areas, so by giving it an initial drink, you get everybody off to a good start.