Tree & Shrub Care

What is Tree & Shrub Care all about?

In a nutshell, it’s all about the plant. A well nourished, healthy plant can use its own natural defenses to resist stressful conditions. A healthy plant needs fewer chemical treatments, and that’s great news for wallets and the environment alike. Plant Health Care focuses on maintaining vigorous trees and shrubs, preventing problems before they get out of hand.

To be healthy and strong, plants have basic needs that have to be met. They need a supply of water, lots of sunlight and the right mix of nutrients in the soil. Did you know that nearly 90% of all disease and insect problems trace back to some basic need not being met?

At Schneider Tree Care, we’ve got the Plant Health Care experts to solve any size tree or shrub problem. You can always count on us for the best in tree care.

Trees, Shrubs, and Fertilizer

After Tree Growth RegulatorYour yard is a fiercely competitive place! Even if you regularly put down granular fertilizer for your lawn, your trees and shrubs might be starving!

Why? Because the root system of your trees (and shrubs) is well below the root system of your lawn. When you apply a bag of granular fertilizer, all those nutrients are snapped up in the first few inches of topsoil by your lawn. That’s great news for your lawn, it’s not so great for your trees. You see, in a yard surrounded by lawn is not really a natural setting for a tree. Entire lawns can be replaced in a few weeks. However,  mature trees can take decades to replace.

To effectively feed your trees and shrubs, the fertilizer needs to be in liquid form and injected below competing root systems. It’s also important to inject fertilizer in the right areas. The newer, active roots are out and away from the trunk in what’s called the drip zone. That’s where the nutrients should be injected into the soil. Now your trees are happy! Here at Schneider Tree Care, we have fertilization programs to encourage healthy, balanced growth for all your trees and shrubs.

Have you heard about Mycorrhizal (my-core-i-zall) fungi and a great material called tree growth regulator? Both of them make for exceptionally healthy trees and they are often incorporated into a complete plant health care program.

Mycorrhizal FungiMycorrhizal fungi are a tree’s best friend! These fungi have a unique, mutually beneficial relationship with trees and shrubs. In exchange for a little sugar from the tree, the fungi grab lots nutrients and water from the soil for their partner tree. While Mycorrhizal fungi are common in undisturbed, forested areas, the average neighborhood yard actually prevents their growth. The good news is, Schneider Tree can add these friendly fungi back into the soil around your trees and shrubs. Now your trees can thrive!

A tree growth regulator gently slows the growth of trees and it’s been proven to improve the health of your trees. When the upward growth is slowed, the tree can devote more of its energy into making defensive chemicals, boost its root production and store more food. That means you’ll enjoy richer, greener leaves, less insect damage, and better drought tolerance. If that sounds like a win-win, why not call for an estimate today!



Insect Pests & DiseasesMistletoe

The goal of any plant health care program is to reduce the amount of chemical applications that are needed. If your valuable trees and shrubs are being monitored, and preventative treatments are being made, that’s exactly what will happen. Insect pests and diseases won’t get a foothold.

Usually by the time you notice aphids, oak worms or a fungal disease, it’s already at the big problem stage. Your trees and ornamental shrubs are beautiful and valuable assets that need protection.

Timely, professional applications of materials safely prevent problems and allow your plants to flourish. Not only that but professionally applied preventative treatments are kinder to friendly insects and animals.

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